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Why Bee's Knees?

Bee’s knees literally means the hind legs of a honeybee. It’s also a metaphor for extraordinary excellence — the best of the best. These are exactly the kind of high calibre candidates we bring to the table.

We conduct thorough candidate sourcing in the competitive talent marketplace
Our personalized recruiting strategy vets only the most qualified tech professionals
Each candidate undergoes a customized interview process and is checked for technical skills and cultural fit
We support you beyond recruitment, offering our expertise in hiring training, audits, and people and culture advice




Scale your startup with a forward-thinking, value-driven engineering and product team.

Backend, frontend and fullstack developers
Data science and data engineering profiles
Digital marketing
Infrastructure and architecture roles
Product roles
C-suite and executive hiring


Train your team to assess and spot top candidates. More than a simple screen; each candidate goes through a customized evaluation process to ensure they’re the perfect fit



Who you recruit plays a defining role in your growth. We understand what it takes to source, engage, and onboard talented new members. We work with you to conduct a detailed audit of your hiring process

Our team

  • Olga Shatokha

    As a Ukrainian whose heart rests in the Baltic, I lived in Estonia for three years, taking part in building the latest European startup unicorn, Pipedrive, before settling down in Portugal. When I’m not busy matching startups with great talent, I enjoy practicing yoga

  • Kateryna Donskykh

    When I was five, I tried to find my grandmother a husband. Somewhere around then, I realized my passion for matchmaking. When I’m not building tight-knit teams from scratch, you can find me shooting analog photos

Consistent quality, every time

Dozens of happy candidates matched with happy companies
Higher than the market average success rate
A decade of industry experience, both in-house startups and agencies

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