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Find the best talent for your early-stage company

Specialization in startup recruitment
Successful track record with more than 120 hires for startups across Europe
Expertise in identifying challenges and opportunities in recruiting for startups
Over 10 years of hands-on experience working at tech startups

Bee’s Knees – Startup Recruitment Agency

A strong network of candidates
We’ve got you covered. We know how important it is to get high-quality candidates when looking for new team members, especially in the early stages of a startup.
The experience of working with startups
Startups and large enterprises have different needs. Our years of experience with early-stage companies ensure we know how to help your company grow and succeed.
Someone you can trust
You can count on us – we’re always on the hunt for sourcing high-quality profiles for your team. We focus on building long-lasting relationships so that you can lean on us when you need to.

The Benefits of Working With The Bee’s Knees of Startup Recruitment Agencies

Our track record speaks for itself – in 4 years, our candidates have had a 99% probation pass rate.
We’re (cost) effective
You receive the first candidates within a week of commencing collaboration. Being quick and efficient with time is key to success in this field.
Faster hiring process
Our team does dedicated applicant outreach, providing you with access to a larger pool and increasing your chances of getting a perfect candidate.
Access to a curated talent pool

What our clients say

Our services have helped many successful startups globally to achieve their goals and grow their team efficiently.

“Bee’s Knees have helped Single.Earth to fill a very difficult role quickly and seemingly effortlessly. They are professional, efficient, and really easy to work with!”

Merilin Hehir
Head of People Operations, Single.Earth

“We have been working with Bee’s Knees for several months and with many different tech roles from developer to QA. Olga and the team are really easy to collaborate with, one can always count on them. We are really happy to have them as our recruitment partners.”

Piret Ploom
Head of People & Culture, The Yolo Group

“All the candidates Bee’s Knees have sent through until now and whom I've met are such a great fit to Katana! I'm so happy about our collaboration and deeply appreciate everything that they are doing!”

Kristi Schumann
Head of People & Culture, Katana Smart Manufacturing Software

“We've cooperated with Olga and the team on very challenging technical roles in Lisbon. I was so amazed by the amount of high-quality and relevant candidates they provided! Fast and reliable communication on top. Big recommendation from our side, they know what they do”

Veronika Múčková
Senior Recruiter, Pipedrive

“If you are looking for a partner that would help you to hire a kickass team of great people - you should look no further, Bee’s Knees is the perfect match for you. Their experience, integrity and dedication to bring the right candidates makes working with them a pleasure. I have collaborated with Olga in 3 different companies and I am planning to continue doing so.”

Timur Hassanov
CTO, Bob W

“Bee’s Knees were able to provide world-class top talent for our Product, Engineering, and leadership roles. I very much enjoyed working with Olga and highly recommend her services.”

James Berdigans
CEO, Printify

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