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Social Media Sourcing

Some recruiters embrace this idea, while others remain skeptical. In this article we discuss pros and cons of sourcing on social media

The Story Behind the Name of Bee's Knees

"Bee's knees" literally means hind legs of a honeybee, but it goes far beyond that. Today, we share the story of how our name came to be

Candidate screening guide

In this article we gathered advice from our decade of experience in screening on how to design a screening to get most of it

How to hire a rare engineer: a case study

If you ever tried to close a one of a kind type of role, you imagine the struggle. In this article we honestly share our failures and victories during this difficult path

How to handle recruitment marathons

Dealing with one position that requires multiple candidates and it seems exhausting? Here are some tips how to make this journey easier and more effective
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