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Do Salary Reports Really Matter in Portugal's Tech Scene?

Making decisions backed by data is crucial for organizations to thrive and stay competitive. Yet, when it comes to getting comprehensive salary benchmarks for tech talent in Portugal, many companies have faced quite a challenge: publicly available data often falls short in delivering an up-to-date picture of the current market. So, here's the question: can reliable salary reports be the game-changer that businesses need? We explore this topic below.


🇵🇹 Cracking the Local Hiring Code: Reliable salary reports illuminate local hiring intricacies, such as working hours, probation periods, mandatory benefits, vacation policies, types of leaves, and even considerations for relocation. As a result, these reports help with compliance and streamlined processes.

📈 Deciphering Tech Trends: Reports reveal Portugal's tech scene trends, diving into crucial factors such as tech talent demand, diversity and inclusion initiatives, attrition rates, geographic location comparisons, the surge of remote work, English proficiency levels, candidate expectations, emerging technologies, and the intricacies of compensation structures. 

🌐 Embracing Remote Work: Salary reports explore the implications of the remote work trend, including candidate expectations and motivations.

🗣️ Multilingual Advantage: Reliable salary reports provide the overview of English proficiency levels among tech professionals.

💰 Salary Benchmarks and Forecasts: Reports offer comprehensive salary and perks data and future insights for talent attraction and retention strategies.

By harnessing the data and knowledge offered by these reports, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize talent acquisition, and compete effectively in Portugal's dynamic tech market. Embracing the insights provided by reliable salary reports could indeed be the key to unlocking an organization's full potential for growth and success.

At Bee’s Knees we took matters into our own hands and conducted an in-depth analysis of the Portuguese market. This extensive report spans nearly 60 pages and covers crucial topics, such as:

Portuguese Hiring 101: taxes, probation, termination, mandatory benefits, vacation, different types of leaves, relocation

Portuguese Tech Trends: demand for tech talent, layoffs, diversity, attrition rate, comparison of different locations within Portugal, remote work status, English proficiency, candidates’ expectations, trending technologies, benefits, bonuses

Salary charts (Lisbon, Porto, other locations) with comments

Forecast for 2024

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