July 24th, 2023 at 2:12:04 PM

Bee's Knees Portuguese Market & Salary Report 2023

Many companies in Portugal, including ours, have faced challenges in obtaining comprehensive salary benchmarks for Portuguese tech talent and market analytics. Unfortunately, much of the publicly available data fails to accurately reflect the current market status and salary rates.

In response, we took matters into our own hands and conducted an in-depth analysis. This extensive report spans nearly 60 pages and covers crucial topics, such as:

Portuguese Hiring 101: taxes, probation, termination, mandatory benefits, vacation, different types of leaves, relocation

📈 Portuguese Tech Trends: demand for tech talent, layoffs, diversity, attrition rate, comparison of different locations within Portugal, remote work status, English proficiency, candidates’ expectations, trending technologies, benefits, bonuses

💸 Salary charts (Lisbon, Porto, other locations) with comments

🔭 Forecast for 2024

This report is essential for:

🇵🇹 Companies in Portugal who would like to stay on top of the market trends and have a reliable benchmark of the salaries

🌎 Businesses that are entering Portuguese market and need a reliable benchmark of the salaries as well as a complete guide on local hiring

🔬We analyzed junior, middle, and senior levels of the following professionals in Lisbon, Porto, and other locations:

  • JavaScript Engineers: Frontend, Backend, Full stack

  • Java Engineers

  • .NET Engineers

  • Mobile Engineers (iOS and Android)

  • QA Engineers (Manual and Automation)

  • DevOps Engineers

  • Product Managers

  • CTOs and Architects

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