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Profiling guide: what to ask your hiring manager when starting a new search

When a recruiter gets a new job opening from the hiring manager, it's important that it’s crystal clear about what they're looking for in a candidate. Although it's the hiring manager's job to explain this, recruiters should do everything they can to make the process smoother.


We've put together a list of questions that we use with our clients to get a better idea of what they're after during the profiling meeting. If you're an in-house recruiter, just skip the first part of the questionnaire and use the rest to get all the details you need.

🦄 Company

  • Product pitch. We ask our clients to pitch us their product as if we’re their candidates, so we can do the same during our screening calls.

  • When founded

  • Funding stage. When was the last investment round closed? This information is essential, especially in case of early stage startups.

  • Number of employees

  • Number of planned hires this year. This gives you an idea about the company’s growth ambitions.

  • Offices and their locations.

  • Clients. Is there any specific niche or geography the product is aiming at? Whose problems does it solve? Are there any well known names among the client’s list?

  • Culture, nationalities, team events. All of those will give you a glimpse of how the company operates on a human level, more casually speaking - what’s the vibe.

💻 Tech


  • Total number of engineers and number of engineers in the hiring team, their roles. Crucial to know what kind of people the new person will be working with.

  • Teams setup (cross-functional or any other), frequency of the meetings

  • Who this person will be reporting to


  • Stack and infrastructure

  • Development methodology

🤓 The role

  • Location

  • Seniority. And what exactly does senior mean in this company / team?

  • Minimal tech requirements

  • What tasks the new hire will be working on. This will help to determine the most crucial skills.

  • Roadmap: what is the product and company’s development plan?

  • Career and professional growth opportunities

  • What does a person need to do over the probation period to be considered successful? How is it measured? What is the feedback sessions structure?

  • Examples of great profiles. Why are they great?

🤑 Conditions

  • Salary

  • Benefits. Can include various benefits like health, education, bonuses, stock options.

  • Office or remote

  • Office address

  • Working hours. If flexible, what are the hours that the new person is supposed to overlap with the team?

  • Relocation package (if applicable)

  • Employment type (employee, contractor, EoR)

  • Amount of holidays per year

🚀 Hiring process

  • Potential donor companies. What companies have similar talent?

  • Off-limits companies - clients, partners, or companies where the talent doesn’t match the profile.

  • Geographical markets to target

  • Interview process

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