16 hires for crypto platform Paxful


Domain: crypto

Founded: 2015

Paxful logo

The company

Paxful is a people-powered platform for buying, selling, and trading digital currencies. Their mission is to provide everyone, everywhere with equal access to the global economy.

Paxful has an established headquarters in New York, with offices in Estonia, the UK, the Philippines, Dubai. Currently they have over 400 employees globally and are growing rapidly. They have over 6 million users and are completely bootstrapped. 

Paxful team

Tech stack

  • PHP, Python, JavaScript

  • iOS, Android

  • Docker, AWS

The project

Long-term collaboration on a wide variety of roles throughout different departments and with different stakeholders. The focus was on the engineering and product roles for the Tallinn office. We were searching for the candidates locally as well as for the relocation to Estonia.

Since we were looking for some rare candidates, such as mobile or Python engineers, we often used GitHub to source for Paxful’s roles.

Hiring process

🐝 A 30 mins screening call with Bee’s Knees:

  • Pitching Paxful to the candidate

  • Questions to the candidate about their experience

  • Questions to the candidate related to their motivation and cultural fit

  • Questions to the candidate related to salary, availability, notice period, relocation if applicable

1️⃣ A call with Paxful’s HR representative and hiring manager

2️⃣ A homework

3️⃣ Tech interview


🎯 Hires: 16

🧑‍💻 Roles filled:

  • PHP Engineers

  • Python Engineers

  • JavaScript Engineers

  • iOS Engineers

  • Android Engineers

  • DevOps

  • QA

  • DBA

  • PM

  • Designers

  • Analysts

📍 Location: Estonia

Client’s feedback

“Bee’s Knees team has a highly professional approach within the people search and selection. Olga and Kateryna supported our hiring flow at Paxful on a top-notch level. After two years of working with them, I can assure everyone that they have a strong technical sourcing and selection process. They also offer 24/7 support in case of any additional questions or new hiring requests that come up. They can define all key points for the effective search straight away, including extra market research (compensation and timing). So far, they are one of the best agencies I have ever met. I’ll definitely continue cooperating with them because of their personalized and hyper responsible attitude!”

Nataliia Bargamon

Talent Acquisition Manager at Paxful

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