A senior hire in 2 weeks for Plux Agency


Domain: web development

Founded: 2022

Plux Agency

The company

Plux Agency is a Product and Design agency focused on partnering up with some of the most trailblazing startups and scale-ups worldwide to create value at lightning speed. Their battle-tested group of rebels and entrepreneurs helps companies plan, design, build and elevate digital products and experience.

Tech stack

JavaScript, React

The project

Bee’s Knees cooperated with Plux shortly after the agency was started. We hired a Senior JavaScript Engineer within the first 2 weeks of working together, due to how efficient the collaboration was between all the parties. We communicated in Slack, which helped us to get instant feedback from the team. This feedback helped us to calibrate the search quickly, resulting in a record-breaking speed of hiring.

Hiring process

🐝 A 30 mins screening call with Bee’s Knees:

  • Pitching Plux to the candidate

  • Questions to the candidate about their experience

  • Questions to the candidate related to their motivation and cultural fit

  • Questions to the candidate related to salary, availability, notice period

1️⃣ An interview with VP of Engineering

2️⃣ Homework

3️⃣ Tech interview

4️⃣ An interview with a co-founder


🎯 Hires: 1

🧑‍💻 Roles filled: JavaScript Engineer

📍 Location: EU

Client’s feedback

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