Hiring for an early stage fintech Montonio


Domain: fintech

Founded: 2018

Montonio logo

The company

Montonio is an e-commerce checkout orchestration platform, loved by over 5000 merchants in the Baltics, Finland, and Poland. They have raised nearly 14M € from people who built Wise, Bolt, and Pipedrive. 

Montonio team

Tech stack

  • NodeJS, TypeScript, Angular 

  • PostgreSQL

  • AWS

The project

Bee’s Knees helped Montonio to hire 2 engineers in 2 months while the company was at its early stage. To fill in the roles, we did a thorough market analysis and targeted top fintech companies in Estonia and Latvia to find those hires.

Hiring process

🐝 A 30 mins screening call with Bee’s Knees:

  • Pitching Montonio to the candidate

  • Questions to the candidate about their experience

  • Questions to the candidate related to their motivation and cultural fit

  • Questions to the candidate related to salary, availability, notice period

1️⃣ An interview with the CTO

2️⃣ Homework: a real-world problem that Montonio is working on

3️⃣ A tech discussion based on the test task details


🎯 Hires: 2

🧑‍💻 Roles filled: Full Stack JavaScript Engineers

📍 Location: Estonia

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