Open Source Security Engineers in EU for US based Fingerprint

Domain: security

Founded: 2019

Fingerprint logo

The company

Fingerprint empowers developers to stop online fraud at the source. They work on turning radical new ideas in the fraud detection space into reality. The products are developer-focused and the clients range from solo developers to publicly traded companies, including Coinbase,, Target, and Yahoo.

This is a globally dispersed, 100% remote company with a strong open-source focus. Their flagship open source project is FingerprintJS (18K stars on GitHub).

Fingerprint has raised $44M and is backed by Craft Ventures (previously invested in Tesla, Facebook, Airbnb), Nexus VP (previously invested in Postman & Hasura), and Uncorrelated Ventures (previously invested in Redis, Rollbar & Gradle).

Fingerprint team

Tech stack

  • TypeScript, React, react-query, SCSS, Jest, Storybook, Cypress,Express, TypeORM

  • PostgreSQL, Jest

  • Golang, DynamoDB, Elastic BeanStalk

  • AWS, Github Actions, Netlify

  • Grafana, CloudWatch, X-Ray, Prometheus

The project

Fingerprint is a US company with a fully remote engineering team. We were hiring for Golang, iOS, and JavaScript roles throughout Europe, targeting only top notch senior profiles with security and privacy knowledge or at least keen interest. Since open source contributions were also very important to have, we mainly used GitHub to source for the candidates, assessing their GitHub activity before reaching out.

Eventually we were able to fill in 2 roles, and one of our hires is an ex-Google employee.

Hiring process

🐝 A 30 mins screening call with Bee’s Knees:

  • Pitching Fingerprint to the candidate

  • Questions to the candidate about their experience

  • Asking about security knowledge and open source contributions

  • Questions to the candidate related to their motivation and cultural fit

  • Questions to the candidate related to salary, availability, notice period

1️⃣ Screening call with Fingerprint’s recruiter

2️⃣ Homework

3️⃣ A live coding interview with a team lead

4️⃣ Final interview with the CTO


🎯 Hires: 2

🧑‍💻 Roles filled:

  • Golang Engineer

  • JavaScript Engineer

📍 Location: EU

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