Rust / C++ Solidity role for Single.Earth

Domain: green tech

Founded: 2019

Single.Earth logo

The company

Using natural sciences and blockchain technology, Single.Earth builds accessible and scalable tools to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss.

The rapidly-growing international team is on a mission to help preserve existing ecosystems by making nature protection profitable for landowners of all sizes. Ultimately, striving to transform the economy by introducing the world's first nature-backed currency (MERIT) that explicitly acknowledges the dependence of all economic activity and human well-being on nature.

Single.Earth tokenizes nature for its ecological value and essential ecosystem services, capturing the value in MERIT tokens. 

Single.Earth team

Tech stack

  • Rust

  • Solidity

  • C++

  • Golang

  • AngularJS

The project

We cooperated with Single.Earth on a unique role with a rare tech stack: an engineer with the knowledge of Rust, C++ and Solidity, who’s passionate about the environment. First of all, we used different methods to source for the candidates: our network, LinkedIn, GitHub, meetups. Secondly, we designed the screening calls with the candidates in a way that helped us to gauge not only their motivation, but also the curiosity and ability to learn new technologies, since there was no one in the pipeline equally proficient with all 3 technologies. As a result, we have successfully filled this role after 2 months of sourcing and interviews.

Hiring process

🐝 A 30 mins screening call with Bee’s Knees:

  • Pitching Single.Earth to the candidate

  • Questions to the candidate about their experience

  • Requesting a code sample

  • Questions to the candidate related to their motivation and cultural fit

  • Questions to the candidate related to salary, availability, notice period, relocation if applicable

1️⃣ An interview with a recruiter and CTO of Single.Earth

2️⃣ Code review or a live coding session

3️⃣ Team interview with a software architect

4️⃣ An interview with a founder


🎯 Hires: 1

🧑‍💻 Roles filled: Rust / C++ Solidity Developer

📍 Location: Estonia

Client’s feedback

“Bee’s Knees have helped Single.Earth to fill a very difficult role quickly and seemingly effortlessly. They are professional, efficient, and really easy to work with!”

Merilin Hehir

Head of People Operations, Single.Earth

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